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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wild Geeks Hashing

Since the day I bought my mountain bike on June 12 2007, I have been very busy cycling. (Everyday I made it a point to cycle at least 11km or more to build up my stamina.) After watching Wild Hogs, it inspired me and George to start a "Wild Something".

By June 26 2007, the Wild Geeks Adventure club was formed.

With the formation of the Wild Geeks Adventure Club I have been very busy hashing with the guys. The first trip was to the Rubber Research Institute and there were only three of us - George, Daniel and me.

By the second trip, which was to Batu Dam, there were 7 of us - George, Daniel, John, Azril, Izaini, Ken Wei and me. We hope to get more people to start cycling and hashing with us.

I have gone on three MTB hashing trips and they were all fun and exciting. The joy was to be in an unknown place not knowing what is down the road or the trail, or around the next corner.

Thanks to Daniel and Azril, I have some photos of myself on our last hashing trip to Batu Dam (view GPS photos on Google Earth here).

Photos by Daniel:

Photos by Azril:

I had just completed a trip to the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) with Joe and Azril yesterday - July 21 2007 (view GPS photos on Google Earth here). And now, we are already planning another hashing trip for next Saturday (28th July).

George proposed and planned this next hashing to the Lata Kijang Waterfall, Negri Sembilan. The Lata Kijang Waterfall destination is not exactly a MTB route. It's famous more for 4WD and there are a lot of 4WD 3D2N tour packages to the falls, with tour activities such as spending an evening in the orang asli village.

Hopefully Micol and Ken Wei will have bought their bikes by then to be able to make it for the trip; and also Henry and Jason, fellow MTB adventurers whom I met in FRIM, will be able to make it as well.

Here are some information about Lata Kijang Waterfall:

For more full reports of the Wild Geeks hashing trips go here:

Friday, July 13, 2007

Bangkok Luang Road

Went to Bangkok on July 1st and stayed till 4th. As usual, the food was great. But the highlight of the trip was bicycle accessory shopping.

We had an appointment with our partner's client around Luang Road in the Thai Chamber of Commerce. For those uninitiated, Luang Road is the Mecca of all the car and pickup accessories in Bangkok. So needless to say we were looking forward to the end of the meeting.

Being polite, we had to go lunch with our partners. But as soon as it was over, we practically flew to Luang Road and went into accessory hunting mode. One of my colleague was looking for Mitsubishi FTO accessories. Another and I were looking for mountain bike accessories.

We were pretty successful in finding the bike accessories but with no success for the FTO. I managed to get my headlights and a "cyclocomputer" as the manufacturer puts it. The "cyclocomputer" is actually a speedometer that has other functions that keep track of total distance traveled and trip distance, etc. It is called the Cat Eye - Velo 5 model... the lowest end model... LOL. But I am very happy with it... :-)

Luang Road and it's vicinity are just great. It is a bazaar made for men!!! All the accessories, machineries and tools being pedaled in the streets and shops were unbelievable.

My big regret is that I did not take any photographs!!! Can't blame me as I was too excited... LOL. Well, now I have an excuse to go back there again... :-P

But I did take some photos of the other places of Bangkok in the spirit of "Where 2.0"... LOL. Have a look if you like: