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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Online Form creation Wizard in Google Docs?

After reading a blog post (Facebook bans Google’s Friend Connect) from Garret Rogers' blog, Googling Google, I decided to try my luck and sign-up for a preview of Google Friends.

While filling up the sign-up form, I noticed that the form was "Powered by Google Docs". I did not remember Google Docs as having any support for online form creations and it was a pleasant surprise for me. In fact, it was released sometime in February this year and had seen some updates since.

Anyway, I had thought that the only application missing from Google Apps was an online form creation wizard coupled with a simple workflow engine, and only then will Google Apps be perfect for almost all small companies!

This important form creation feature of Google Docs is hidden inside the Spreadsheet. In order for me to create an online form, I will need to first create a new spreadsheet. Then only will I be able to create the online form from within the spreadsheet. In my opinion, there should be a link on the main Google Doc page to easily create the forms (btw, the link already exist, see below).

Also, it is interesting to see submitted form data stored in their respective spreadsheets as a way to manage the data. Pretty cool approach!

Here's how my test form was created:

1. First go to

2. Sign-in with your Google account.

3. Create and Save your form.

4. Preview the forms and invite your friends to use the form. A notification will be send out to you on where to view all the submitted data.

5. When your friends have submitted the forms, all the data will be send to a spreadsheet in Google Docs. You will need to access Google Docs to access the form data.

6. The forms can also be added and accessed from your iGoogle page.

Btw, the form that I created can be embedded in any websites as an iFrame.

Right now the type of forms (and form fields) that can be created are limited, but I am sure that Google Docs' innovative team will not disappoint us... :-)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Misadventures on a Recce Trip to Rachado Lighthouse in Malacca

Last month, George and I went on a recce trip to Port Dickson/Malacca and the Rachado Lighthouse to scout and plan out the routes and puzzles for a "treasure hunt" for a group of colleagues and friends.

A number of mishaps happened along the way. First off, George was supposed to keep his GPS tracking on so that we could refer to it later. Also, he was happily taking geo-tagged photos with his HTC P330 throughout the recce, only to later find out that his GPS position was not acquired and thus all his photos were geo-duds... LOL...

Luckily, I was there to save the day by relying on my Dopod D810 (Pre-HTC model) to capture those much needed geo-tagged photos.

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