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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Learning the Side Hop

I have been trying to learn the "side hop" for the longest time. Ever since Oct 23 last year, I have been trying and trying and trying... to learn this elusive skill.

During that time, I basically did what I called the "chicken" side hop... LOL. Basically, I just pulled the handlebar up and backward to pivot back, and then hopped onto the wooden pallet. It looked nothing like the Ryan Leech's Side Hop video. I did not have the guts to pedal down to bring up the front wheel... which is why I called it my "chicken" side hop... Hahah.

Anyway, early this month, I decided to try learn the skill again. This time, I concentrated on just pedaling down to bring up the front wheel before extending my arms to bring up the rear wheel, similar to a bunny hop... but as stationary as I could possibly managed.

This video showed me trying to learn by pedaling down to bring up the front wheel before extending my arms to bring up the rear wheel.

I practiced that for about a week, but could only managed to side hop onto a single level of the wooden pallet and rather inconsistently at that. Today, I decided to try a different way to do the side hop. I started in a rear wheel hop position and then side hop onto the wooden pallets. On the first try, I could managed it beautifully!!!

You could imagine how happy I was... Hahahah. I was stoked! I did it a couple more times and decided that I must take a video of this new milestone... LOL.

Joel had to stop doing his homework to help me take this video... I dun think he minded at all... LOL

Far from being perfect, the side hop from another camera angle.

It is quite obvious that I still have a long way to go to master this new skill. From the Ryan Leech video, one could discern how useful this skill would be when riding a rock section. I just cannot wait to be able to side hop consistently and doing the many variations of the side hop.

The day will come when I will be able to put all these BikeTrial skills together in a symphony of synchronized movements to conquer a section!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Insomniac and The Race Boy Rode BikeTrials In Shah Alam

Last Saturday, we spent some time riding at Shah Alam Taman Tasik (Lake Garden). Since 6:00am that morning, Wyatt (aka "The Insomniac") had been riding around his house in Sungai Long, practicing track-stand and hopping. Later he joined Syarul (aka "The Race Boy") in Shah Alam.

I joined them later at about 1:30pm. By then, I could see that Wyatt was extremely tired. Man... I had thought that he was either nuts or just plain crazy about and/or addicted to BikeTrial... LOL.

Anyway, since the last time I saw Wyatt, which was about 2 weeks ago, he has improved his track-stand tremendously! He has also picked up hopping. Cool! The man is DRIVEN!!! LOL.

Here are some photos of our ride in Shah Alam Taman Tasik (Lake Garden).

These steps were perfect for climbing. I used to just admire them and often wondered when I could actually climb them... LOL. It was good to be back!

The perfect setting for learning and practicing "extension", pedal-up and pedal-kick down.

Syarul pedal-kicking along the walkway! Nice to watch!

Wyatt ready to call it quits at about 4:00pm... LOL. He looked like he was going to collapse anytime. Almost 9 hours of riding... Phew! Tough guy... LOL.

Wyatt and Syarul together for a pix!

By 4:30pm, the rain came and everyone had to leave. Syarul and I went over to the Burger King at the Shah Alam Extreme park for some refillable soft drinks. Wyatt had to rush off and shopped for some supplies for his cafe or his staff will serve his head to the customers that night... that guy is tough... gonna work till 1:00am... LOL.