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Monday, January 19, 2009

Much Ado About Everything but BikeTrials

Since the start of the year, I had been extremely busy with getting the kids ready for their new school.

Joel and Jordan were now in Standard 3 and Standard 1 respectively. So, since 5th January, I had been sending them to school before 1:00pm and then picking them up after 7:00pm. By the time I got them home, it would be about 8:30pm. Everything had been so hectic and all of us needed to adapt to these new timing and schedules.

First day of school!

Jordan in his Standard 1 class.

Joel in his Standard 3 class.

Eel Fishing in Sekinchan

Two weeks ago, a friend suggested that we go eel fishing in Sekinchan near Kuala Selangor. None of us caught any eel but we managed to eat some nice shark porridge to console ourselves... LOL.

After lunch, I took Joel and Jordan for a walk on the jetty along the waterfront. I am not sure when, but Joel and Jordan seemed to be making a lot of these funny poses when being photographed... LOL.

Mantis prawns waiting to be processed.

Believe it or not, this truck is still working, transporting container loads of fresh seafood from the jetty.

The New Putrajaya Bike Park

Anyway, last Saturday, I managed to pay a visit to the Putrajaya Bike Park somewhere in Precinct 20. This was after dropping my kids off at a tuition center at around 10:00am. I managed to capture some photos of the place.

A section of the downhill trails.

The trails are being designed and worked on my a professional downhill trail designer.

The skate park is still under construction, but there were some kids already skating there.

Another view of the skate park.

Knowing that it would be a rush, I did not bring my bike. I did not stay long at the park as I was rushing for time to get back to pick up my kids from the tuition center, and then sending them to their school for some Chinese New Year holiday replacement classes. It was a very hectic Saturday... anyway, I told myself that I must go back and ride! LOL.

I managed to pick Joel and Jordan up by noon from the tuition center and then took them for lunch before sending them to their school. After that I had some major free time from 1:00pm till 6:30pm.

And so I contacted Syarul and asked him if he was interested to ride trials in the Tasik Shah Alam park around 1:30pm. He was on! But we met up at around 2:30pm... my bad, as traffic was terrible that day. To my surprise, Syarul had sold off his 20" Adamant. He is now planning on getting a 20" Monty Kamel... an expensive Kamel... LOL.

A New Pair of Venzo Gloves

After riding, just before picking up my kids from school, I decided to go to the bike shop in Sungay Way to get a new pair of gloves. I decided to try out some new gloves from Taiwan. The price tag of RM55 were pretty reasonable, unfortunately the quality were not... LOL.

The new Venzo gloves from Taiwan.

The very next day, I was so keen to try out the new pair of Venzo gloves. It was the first Sunday in 2009, that I could afford the time to practice trial at home in the evening. After about one and a half hours of practice, I could not continue any longer. Turned out that the new gloves gave me blisters, about 9 of them to be exact! Hurts like hell!

Gonna try them again soon... hopefully, I will fair better the next time around. If not, then I guess it is back to the old and torn pair of 661!

The trial sections that I setup at home to practice trials. You can see my kids are having a swell time drawing chalk graffitti on them.

I hope this coming Saturday morning, I will be able to ride in the Putrajaya Bike Park and then if all goes well (that is... no injuries... LOL), then in the evening, I can practice trials at home, just before the Chinese New Year holidays.