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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Finally took the time to clear out all the rotten wooden pallets. Now I just have enough pallets to keep myself busy for a while.

My next goal to use concrete pipes or v-drain to arrange out a nice training area. Till then cheers!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

BikeTrials Revival

Finally, I am back on trials again. I have been searching for a used 20" trial bike for more than 8 months. I received a call on Tuesday from a friend (Sean), that there was a Monty 219 Kamel on sale in an online classifieds. That afternoon, I got in contact with the owner and bought the bike immediately... LOL.

Coincidentally, the previous owner was someone I knew from Biketrials Malaysia ( He had given up on trials after sustaining wrist injuries from riding. The bike was in tip-top condition. The only thing missing was a pair of pedals.

The 219 Kamel without the seat. When I ride, I will remove the seat :-)

The 219 Kamel with the seat.

The Exustar pedal. I really liked it.

The very next day, I bought a nice pair of Exustar pedals and rode for 3 hours after I reached home. Really out of shape, I could feel the muscles burning and aching after a couple of minutes... giving me happy thoughts... yeah... good to be back... Hahaha.

The wooden pallets at my house were in pretty bad condition, weak from fungal scourge. I walked through all the pallets testing the integrity. Almost all failed.

Not gonna risk it, I will have to set aside a weekend just to clear out all the rotten pallets. And hence, begin anew to set things right for riding. In any case, for me it is part of the fun and excitement... LOL.

I am really looking forward to relearn some of the riding techniques (especially the pedal up and the side hop). But after my initial stint, my arms and back are still aching. I want to give them sufficient time to recover before I get back on it.

Good times ahead! Cheers!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Danny Macaskill's New Video - Industrial Revolutions

In my last blog post, I wrote that "Something Wicked is Coming This August - Concrete Circus". Well, here it is! Watch this amazing Danny Macaskill video and check out the other urban sports stars on Channel4's Concrete Circus.

Also, check out Danny Macaskill's Channel4 profile. Hope you all enjoy watching the video as much as I did. Cheers.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Something Wicked is Coming This August - Concrete Circus

Any of you following Danny MacAskill on Twitter? If you are, then you will know that something wicked is coming out in August on Channel 4!

First off, Channel 4 is a public television network in the United Kingdom. Next month, as part of their Street Summer series, they will be releasing Concrete Circus, a documentary that brings together the major names of urban sports from biketrials, parkour, BMX and skateboarding.

Check out the trailer for Concrete Circus now! I mean NOW!

These guys are the best of their peers! I hope someone will be nice enough to post the full video documentary up on YouTube.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Chris Akrigg Magnifico!

Chris Akrigg just released another fantastic video of his bike adventures! This time the location is in Spain.

The video, titled "A Hill in Spain", has Chris riding a Mongoose Nugget. The ride combined downhill, freeriding and trials all-in-one sweet symphony of bike ballet.

I watched it a few times just to make sure I dun miss anything :-)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sold My Echo Pure

Recently, just after the Chinese New Year holiday, I sold my 26" Echo Pure. And now I do not have a trial bike... :-(

I had been trying to sell my ECHO Pure for a while now. I had advertised on several online classifieds and received many enquiries. More often than not, I replied too late as I did not check my email (that I used for classifieds) regularly.

Earlier, I had upgraded the rear wheel brakes to the Magura HS33 and a really nice rear Panaracer tire. The bike felt really good and nice to ride.

The Echo Pure ready to be shipped to its new owner via Kangaroo Courier.

The original Echo handle bar and rear brakes set were also shipped with the bike.

So why did I want to sell the 26"?

The main reason, I sold the 26" was that I wanted to get a 20". Maybe it was psychological, but somehow I felt that with the 20", I could learn faster and ride better. One thing for sure was that I wanted a smaller and lighter bike.

And so, now I am looking for a 20". I have not decided whether I would go for a Monty yet, but it seems the right choice, albeit the hefty price tag.