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Saturday, October 1, 2011

BikeTrials Revival

Finally, I am back on trials again. I have been searching for a used 20" trial bike for more than 8 months. I received a call on Tuesday from a friend (Sean), that there was a Monty 219 Kamel on sale in an online classifieds. That afternoon, I got in contact with the owner and bought the bike immediately... LOL.

Coincidentally, the previous owner was someone I knew from Biketrials Malaysia ( He had given up on trials after sustaining wrist injuries from riding. The bike was in tip-top condition. The only thing missing was a pair of pedals.

The 219 Kamel without the seat. When I ride, I will remove the seat :-)

The 219 Kamel with the seat.

The Exustar pedal. I really liked it.

The very next day, I bought a nice pair of Exustar pedals and rode for 3 hours after I reached home. Really out of shape, I could feel the muscles burning and aching after a couple of minutes... giving me happy thoughts... yeah... good to be back... Hahaha.

The wooden pallets at my house were in pretty bad condition, weak from fungal scourge. I walked through all the pallets testing the integrity. Almost all failed.

Not gonna risk it, I will have to set aside a weekend just to clear out all the rotten pallets. And hence, begin anew to set things right for riding. In any case, for me it is part of the fun and excitement... LOL.

I am really looking forward to relearn some of the riding techniques (especially the pedal up and the side hop). But after my initial stint, my arms and back are still aching. I want to give them sufficient time to recover before I get back on it.

Good times ahead! Cheers!