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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Learning BikeTrial Basics

After months of training, I am still at square one. Sigh. There is a slight improvement in track-stand, pivoting and hopping. But it is just so so so tiring! Sometimes, I just forget to breath when training. Had to keep telling myself to breath, breath and breath, to get oxygen into my system!

The weight of my current bike is 15kg. Is it too heavy for bike trials? I have no idea. But the Echo Pure bike I will be getting next month weighs less than 10kg. I hope the weight will make a huge difference in my training.

My 7 year son, Joel, was helping me capture some of the training on video. The video helped me to spot any mistakes I was making while practicing.

Still trying very hard to learn track-stand, pivoting and hopping.

Right now I am trying to learn to track-stand on my rear wheel while resting my front wheel two feet above the ground on a ledge. Hopefully after learning that, I can easily transition to the rear wheel hop.

Trying to get comfortable with the rear wheel track-stand.

So far, I tried to transition to the rear wheel hop without any success. My body position and pose just do not feel right for hopping on the rear wheel while hugging the handle bar so close to my navel. I guess it will have to be a long trial and error learning process. I wonder if the bike geometry has anything to do with this? I guess, I will have to wait until I get my new bike and see.