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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Singapore BikeTrial National Championship

On June 21st 2008, Syarul and I decided that we were going to go down to Singapore to watch the BikeTrial National Championship - Round 2, to be held on 22nd June (Sunday). The event was to take place in the Pasir Ris Town Park on the eastern part of the island.

We left my house in Bandar Bukit Mahkota at about 8:00pm and arrived in Johor Baru at around 11:30pm on Saturday night. We spent the next 2 and a half hours getting through the causeway... *sigh* and finally managed to reach Walton's shop, Attitute Bikes, at around 2:15am on Sunday morning.

Attitute Bikes. Check out the cool "Scooby Doo" VW parked in front of the shop front.

An earlier model of a Monty Trial Bike that I found in the shop.

Thankfully, Walton, his wife and Nelwin were still waiting for us at the shop. They brought us to Hotel88, where they rent out rooms by the hours. That place was still busy with people when we arrived at the lobby at around 3:00am. We booked a room for 5 hours which costed as about S$50. Our objective was to shower and get a power nap before heading off to the tournament grounds in Pasir Ris.

A Brand New Day... of Drizzling Rain
We did not realised it until we checkout of the hotel that it was raining pretty heavily. We managed to get to our car and after that went on to meet Walton and gang at his shop. From there, we left for Pasir Ris Town Park and arrived about 8:30am.

Syarul unloading his gears at the park.

Some of the other riders on the way to bring their bikes and gears to the registration area.

Syarul was going to participate in the Open Category of the tournament. I found out that as part of the BIU rules, a rider must be wearing long pants, shoes that cover the ankle, proper shin and knee guards. And I was to be the photographer and videographer.

The Venue, Pasir Ris Town Park

The tournament venue is a very nice community park in the metropolitan. The lake, I believe was contracted out to a company, whom stocked and maintained the man-made lake for fishing.

The anglers all setup to land "the big one".

The fish stocks in the middle of the lake?

You can buy fishing gears and live baits from the shops around the lake.

The Registration Area

A park rest shed was selected to be the the registration area for the tournament. All riders are to register at the registration counter and after that bike checks to be conducted by tournament officials.

The registration counter.

The riders gathering around the registration area.

Trial bikes everywhere.

More Trial bikes.

Syarul getting his bike check after registration.

Syarul all ready to get rocking! LOL...

Peng getting his bike check by Han.

Peng and Yang Ming making adjustment to Peng's bike to get it competition ready for another round of bike check.

Riders warming up in the rain.

More riders warming up in the drizzling rain.

The Tournament Sections

Due to the rain, all the rocks in the sections are slippery and dangerous. Luckily, no one were seriously injured.

Han putting up the markers for Section 2.

The terrifying Section 5 and 6.

Ben walking through Section 6.

The Competition Begins

It was a cold and shaky start. But after the first section, riders were properly warmed-up and rode better. When the rain stopped in round two, the terrains were in better condition and thus the skills of the riders started to shine.

Syarul getting his score from Walton after completing Section 5.

One of the riders in a final push to complete the section at the last final seconds. It was a beautiful finish.

Yang Ming tackling "Mount Everest" in Section 4.

Sam Armstrong tackling Section 4.

Matthew climbing up Section 6 in the Senior category.

The trial bikes waiting to take on Section 4.

Syarul starting out on Section 3.

Too bad Walton was not participating as he had to carry out the Observer role at Section 5 as there were not enough Observers. Here in the photo, he is chilling out... :-)

Syarul finishing up and handing over of the scorecard at the registration counter.

The Prize Giving

The prizes.

The riders in anticipation of the result announcement of the tournament.

From Left: Gavin, Syarul and Zhao Hui.

Open Category:
1st Place Soon Zhao Hui (Monty) - 44
2nd Place Syarul (Adamant) - 44 + 18 minutes
3rd Place Gavin Ong (Monty) - 50

From Left: Nigel, Daryl and Matthew.

Junior/Senior Category:
1st Place Matthew Tan (Koxx) - 31
2nd Place Daryl Chan (Monty) - 32
3rd Place Nigel Chan (Monty) - 36

From Left: Yang Ming, Peng and Benjamin.

Elite Category:
1st Place Chua Zhen Peng (Koxx) - 20
2nd Place Benjamin Loh (Monty) - 25
3rd Place Low Yang Ming (Koxx) - 29

For more photos and videos visit BikeTrial Malaysia.
After the tournament, Syarul and I headed back to Kuala Lumpur at about 5:00pm.

Checkout this cool looking bike... :-)

During this trip, I have learned quite a bit about BikeTrial competitions and maybe a little about setting up the sections. I am sure that there are still a lot I do not know, but right now, what I do know is enough to make myself some test section for training... LOL.

That will be our goal now, to setup trial sections and hopefully getting enough Malaysian interested to want to challenge themselves in overcoming trial obstacles. And to take serious interest in this magnificent sport.