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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Replacing the Screw-pins on the Monty Platform Pedals

Recently, I decided to replace the screw-pins on the Monty platform pedals, which were pretty badly worn out. I took the pedals to a couple of bike shops and none of them sell the replacement screw-pins. Finally, one of them suggested I look for stainless steel screws that fit and use them as replacements. And that was exactly what I did...

The worn out screw-pins.

The 2.5cm stainless steel screws that I bought from a regular hardware shop as replacement screw-pins.

The pedal after I inserted all the stainless steel screws.

I took the pedals to a workshop and asked the workers there if they could help me saw off the screws at the length I needed.

The pedal after I installed it back on my bike.

The pedals worked great! I am getting the full grip that I needed, but now... I gotta be extra careful and make sure I wear the shin guards. A slip here could be weeks of pain... LOL.