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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kenny Belaey's Bigtime Trial Adventure Episode 1 to 3

If you do not know who Kenny Belaey is and you are interested in BikeTrials... you GOTTA be insane!!! LOL. Here is an opportunity for you to find out all you need to know about this eight times BikeTrials World Champion!

From what I read from various sources, 3 videos were produced and broadcasted on Extreme Sportschannel in Europe, Africa and UAE from Dec 2009 to Jan 2010

I came across the trailer on YouTube but I could not find the videos. After googling, the videos were found on and here they are. A MUST WATCH documentary for anyone interested in BikeTrials!

EPISODE 1 - The History

Part 1/2 of Episode 1

Part 2/2 of Episode 1

EPISODE 2 - The Evolution

Part 1/2 of Episode 2

Part 2/2 of Episode 2

EPISODE 3 - The Competition

Part 1/2 of Episode 3

Part 2/2 of Episode 3

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