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Monday, November 29, 2010

Yeah! Bought a New Magura HS33 Rear Rim Brake!!

Went down to Singapore on Nov 27 and bought myself a new set of Magura HS33 rear rim brakes! Paid SGD 160 for it. Based on the advise given, I went for a 4 fingers lever. Suppose to give a better a better braking and performance.

Came back to KL on the night of Nov 28 and installed the brake the very next evening... LOL.

The old Echo rear rim brakes.

The box of the Magura HS33 rear rim brakes.

The rim brake with a VERY long tube.

The HS33 rim brake now installed on the ECHO Pure.

The old ECHO rim brakes packed away nicely... Never to be seen again? LOL.

The four fingers lever. I found it much more easier to apply pressure as it was longer and provided more leverage.

The ECHO Pure proudly installed with the HS33!

So what is the conclusion? How's the new brake? All I can say is that the ECHO Pure feels like a BRAND NEW bike! The handling is completely different and inspired confidence!!!