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Saturday, December 8, 2007

I Did It! I Jumped The Jumps in Bukit Kiara!!!

Well, today I went on the downhill in Bukit Kiara, TTDI with the Wildgeeks and I crashed thrice. Once was not from jumping but from getting my front wheel caught between two rocks and basically, I flew off the bike and the bike cartwheeled and basically landed on me... LOL.

The location of my first ever jump!

My helmet, goggles, knee and elbow guard protected me real well! And my hydration bag saved me from major injuries when the bike landed on me... phew! I just bruised and scrapped my right thigh and right arm.

Then I started doing the downhill jumps. The first run was flawless and it was the first time I have ever attempted something as foolhardy as this! There were many natural ramps for small jumps and two man-made ramps for major jumps! It was excellent!

During that first run I almost ran into Azril the Ranger at the first man-made ramp! At that time I did not even know it was him. I remembered seeing Edwin aka Tau Foo Fa standing at the side of the ramp and everything else was just a blur as I was going really fast! Flawless! What a rush!

Thanks to Naga, I have a video to view how close I came to running over Azril. Creepy!

It was then that I decided to go up and do only the ramps again... LOL. And that's when I crashed twice at the second man-made ramp! Both times, it was because of bad landing. I further bruised and scrapped my right thigh just above the knee, bottom right arm and pedal-whack the back of my left leg (the imprint of the pedal is still very clearly marked out in the bruise... LOL).

Naga shooting video of one of my jumps... and crash!

Now that I am back home and watching the video Naga shot of Ranger's crashes and my jumps, I feel really creep out. Man... Ranger really needed to put on some major protections. He was wearing a helmet and that was it! And he was jumping the ramps!

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

This is my lesson learned:

  • There is never too much protection!
  • When you are ready, dun think, do it!
  • Know the downhill route.
Now, I gotta get my bike fixed! 44 and still jumping! Mad!