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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Guess why I am doing this?

A lot of my friends and colleagues are asking, why is Jack so into cycling now? It is supposed to be a simple health and fitness thing. Why this need to go overboard... LOL. What is this BikeTrials?

Well, it started off as a health and fitness thing...

Since June this year, I have discovered a whole new world of cycling which I had never thought possible. Don't get me wrong, I mean I am well aware of the cycling scene. I know about the Tour de France and in fact, I was involved in the organisation of Le Tour de Langkawi since it's inception in 1996 until 1999; but I was never "aware" or have envisioned mountain biking to be what it is today.

Just like how I used to play foosball. It started out as a casual table-soccer game. One thing lead to another, it became necessary to learn and master techniques and shots to improve the game. Before I know it, I started to participate in foosball tournments as a measure of self improvement. I guess it is a natural progression for me.

So, it is in this respect, that I am taking mountain biking a tad more seriously. I guess there is a need for me to see some sort of progression and improvement in my techniques and skills as a biker; I guess fulfilling a form of personal satisfaction. And BikeTrial is the ultimate cycling sport where one is required to master and demonstrate one's control of the bike.

Just like learning the "push-kick" shot or any "shots" in foosball, I am now learning the very basic biking skill of "track-stand". Hopefully, I will be able to progress to the more advance skill of hopping, pivot, pedal-kicks, etc.