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Monday, November 12, 2007

Guess what I bought today?

Great news!

I have finally bought myself a 3 liters bladder for RM55 to put in my backpack to replace the defective one from High Sierra! I told my vendor about the problem with the bladder joint in my back pack without mentioning the brand name. Guess what? To my surprise, he said that it must be the High Sierra hydration pack, as they have problems with the bladder joints!

Hahaha! I dunno why, but I felt better when he mentioned that... sort of like a feeling of being vindicated... LOL.

I filled the new no-brand bladder up, testing for leakage. Worked great!

To top it off, one of my colleagues is going to Bangkok on Wednesday, he is nice enough to help me bring the defective High Sierra bladder back to the shop in Bangkok to see if they will exchange it. I am certainly keeping my finger crossed, but I do not have high hopes... LOL

The other thing I bought was a pair of goggles! Its a made in Taiwan product, so you guess right, its cheap! I got it for RM30.

My son, Jordan, looking very stiff wearing the helmet with the goggle attached.

More relax... not worried that the helmet was going to slide off... LOL.

My daughter, testing the goggle out...

Knee and elbow guard! The next items on my shopping list... LOL