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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Guess what I did on Wednesday?

I trashed my bike! Injured my knee! Bang up my nose and lips, and bruised my chest! LOL...

George, Joe and I decided to follow KC to Melaka yesterday. While he conducted a presentation in Renaissances Hotel, George, Joe and I went mountain biking somewhere behind Puteri resort in Ayer Keroh, Melaka.

We parked at the Puteri Resort car park. It was the perfect place to get the gears and bike ready. Of course, something good had to happen. George's rear wheel tire had a flat. After getting the puncture fixed, we headed into what turned out to be a rubber estate.

This was the first time we went on this trail. The muddy double track was easy enough to follow and we basically went on blind in no particular direction. Then Joe noticed the red and white tape tied to some of the branches and trees. They were remnants of a previous hash held there. So basically, we just followed these markers and went on a hell of a ride.

Joe the Oracle recorded our tracks and trails. This would be very useful when we return to this place with the rest of the Wild Geeks!

After the rubber estate, the trail took us into a banana and papaya plantation. It was while cycling down a dirt road in the banana plantation, when I almost completely crashed into the bushes! The downhill was so much fun that I did not want to use the brakes at all! I only braked at the last minute... LOL. George was quite worried as I almost nail him as well.

When we reached the papaya part, I noticed a nice uphill, which meant a nice downhill, when you are the top of the hill... LOL.

And so, I told George and Joe that I wanted to do this downhill. Basically, I walked up the hill watching out for any potentially dangerous holes or rocks along the way.

The first downhill went fantastically well! So I had to do it again! George managed to captured a nice video of it.... :-) And then we got George and Joe doing it as well... LOL. It was fun!

After George's and Joe's turn, we headed up the same hill with the intention of continuing on with our cross-country ride. Joe consulted his GPS and said that we were headed the wrong way and should be heading back down to the other side. So we doubled back and of course, I was looking forward to hitting the downhill the third time!!!

It was this third time that I crashed and burned! Lifted off nicely on a jump, but bad landing on the front wheel caused me to be flung forward into the bushes and landed on my face. Of all things, I decided to choose a different line and basically did not handle it well at all... hahaha.

Anyway, I got up and after George gave me the once over, I went back and did the downhill a fourth time! Damn, from the photos and videos, the downhill looked like flat ground.... Btw... I clocked 41.1km/h on this downhill... HAhaha...

Anyway, my plan next is to make sure I am wearing elbow and knee guards for my next foolhardy downhill! And if I can afford it, a full face helmet!