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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Learning Bike Trial

Yesterday, Syarul came over to my place and gave me some valuable tips and lessons on pedal hopping and rear wheel hops. We went to a construction site to try out some of the moves. Unfortunately, we were not very welcome there and had to find another place to ride. In the end, we went back to my place and hang out. See the following videos for more info.

Syarul trying out the Echo Pure to the delight of my kids... :-)

Syarul showing how to conduct a pedal kick moving forward.

Explaining how to take off for a rear wheel hop.

My rear wheel hop effort on the 20".

My rear wheel hop effort on the 26".

So what did I learn?

  • All in all, I find that learning on the 20" is so much easier than the 26", which makes me wanna go get a 20" now... LOL.
  • Stamina is everything in trials.
  • Injuries should be avoided at all cost, as it brings downtime and delay to training.
  • Learning trial with someone to coach helps a lot and more fun!
  • Aching muscle will be the norm of trial training.
  • Keeping my eyes on the rear wheel hub while doing a rear wheel hop will improve balance tremendously.