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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Bike Trial Progress: Hopping for Joy!

Today, after 3 days of rest from training trials, I have managed to improve my rear wheel hopping significantly. This is a very important milestone for me. When I first started to learn the rear wheel hop, my target was to be able to reach 10 hops by June this year. And today, I have achieved 9 hops!

Yahoooo! 9 hops on the rear wheel!

After about 2 hours of trying, I managed to get up to 7 hops. Then I was doing about 5 to 6 hops. It was when I decided to shoot the video for this blog that I managed to achieve 9 hops. Oh what a feeling!!!! I feel enormously gratified.

The very first time I reached 6 hops, my body started to remember how to do it. After that, it got easier and easier.

I hope to be able to rear wheel hop consistently. The most challenging part is the balancing on one wheel. The hopping is my reaction to counter the off-balance.

Oh, another significant milestone for me is that I am now able to do the forward hopping using pedal kick.

Hopping forward on two wheels using the pedal kick technique.

Although gratifying, I know that there is still a long way to go for me! But I am really enjoying it!

Video credits goes to my son, Joel Hii. Thanks Joel!