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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

BikeTrial Gathering at Shah Alam

Syarul and I organised a BikeTrial gathering in Shah Alam on April 5th. It was the first biketrial gathering in Malaysia that hoped to get all the riders interested in biketrial to come together and share their experiences and skills. A workshop was also organised to demo and show the techniques and basic skills required to get started in biketrial.

Unforfunately, only one person turned up for the gathering... thanks for coming Naga... LOL. Even so, we must declare the event a huge success... due to the fact that it was something out of this world!

Syarul, Naga and I tried to captured all the techniques and skills exhibited by Hor Fun and Peng (the riders from Singapore) on videos and photos. You have to go to to check out those videos and photos.

Here's a taste... :-P

Thanks to Naga for taking this photo... :-)

Find videos on BikeTrial Malaysia

The guys are already talking about organising the 2nd Biketrial Gathering soon. Maybe a mock competition. This time, they hope to get more riders from Singapore to come over.

Lets see how it goes. Ride on!