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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Bike Trial Progress: Beautiful 14

These past 4 days, I have been hard at work training on my trial bike. After work, if there is no jam, I would reach home by 6:45pm. During the drive (about 40 minutes), I would visualise how I would be training, especially the rear wheel hop.

I am still far from getting my balancing dialed. The hopping and pivoting are coming along, but I still feel that my track-stand really needs work. How the heck do those guys do it? Besides, it is extremely boring just practicing track-stands only.

For now, I get the most satisfaction from doing the rear wheel hop. Each time I could hop on the rear wheel, I get motivated. Today is quite historic, I managed to rear wheel hop 14 times! The feeling and sense of achievement was very satisfying. My target was to accomplish 10 hops by June and I have more than accomplished that.

I have learned to slow down the hops and adjust the body weight. I have also tried to keep the hop minimal so that I can conserve my energy.

Again, I really admire and respect those biketrial riders for their skills. They are truly masters of their bikes! Amazing!

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