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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Mind is Never Far From BikeTrial!

Last Saturday, while on the way back from the KLIA airport after dropping off David and his family, I spotted some discarded wooden pallets in front of a row of shops opposite the Nilai bus station.

I stopped and checked out the wooden pallets, which was covered in sacks of rotten onions. There were quite a number of them, but only two were suitable and still intact. I felt a bit foolish, while my daughter was in the car waiting for me, to be digging through the piles of rotten onions... LOL. Lets just say that it was quite fragrant.

Additional 2 wooden pallets added to increase height.

Unfortunately, after setting up the pallets at home, I could not even try them out... :-( Earlier on, I had strained my right forearm practicing trials. So much so that I could not even lift or grip anything... sigh! First the left arm... now the right arm!

Anyway, it was really worth it. Those wooden pallets were hard to come by. It would be a matter of time before I built a complete biketrial section in my house... LOL