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Friday, August 1, 2008

Not Oversize? Standard size! Or not!

So much trouble just to replace a star nut... I am learning... I am learning... LOL.

The head lock for downhill bikes.

Yesterday, I took the above head lock back to Yong's bike shop and exchanged for a cheap chain tool and a proper star nut.

The star nut and the chain tool, which I immediately used to turn some extra chain links into a key chain decoration thingy... LOL...

Unfortunately, when I went back and try to fix the headset, the star nut did not fit either. Turns out the star nut was "oversize".

The RM5.00 star nut from Yong.

Today, I took the nut back to Yong. He asked me to get the normal size star nut, but he did not have any in stock. So I went to the Taman Megah/SS2 KSH bike shop and asked if they had any. The vendor managed to find a normal size star nut but without any screw or cap, still he charged RM5.00. Hmmm... I knew things were always more expensive at KSH but I was desperate, so I bought it.

When I reached home, I tried to fit the new "normal" size star nut to my bike. The bloody nut was still a tad bigger than the hole in the fork! I decided to try force it in anyway. So, I used a hammer and a screwdriver and tried forcing it in. Next thing I knew, the "star" broke into pieces. Goodbye RM5.00.

On the left is the broken "normal" size star nut that I bought from KSH today. The original star nut is on the right.

So I am back to square one! Guess I have to shop around again. Sigh!