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Friday, June 27, 2008

It is good to be back on BikeTrial again!

Last Saturday (21st June) , Syarul and I went down to Singapore to watch the Singapore National BikeTrial Round 2 Competition. It was held in Pasir Ris City Park on the eastern side of the island. Both of us were invited to participate in the competition by Walton, the President of BikeTrial Asia Union/BikeTrial Singapore Union.

I was totally not prepared and was in no condition to join. Syarul joined and he did quite well... :-) I will post more about our adventures in Singapore in my next post.

Also, I took a lot of photos and videos. Unfortunately, they are all with Syarul as it was his camera and camcorder... LOL. I hope to get it from him soon.

Anyways, two days ago, I finally could go back to my biketrial training. My arm felt much better and almost back to normal. So I decided to make use the the three wooden pallets, which I acquired from the BikeTrial Event in Seremban earlier this month, to set them up to train my balancing and try riding a biketrial section. Check out the photos below.

Three wooden pallets stacked up in my driveway.

Side view of the wooden pallets. Stacked up, they are just slightly more than 1 feet high.

A mock section I set up to train.

Another view of the biketrial section.

I tell you... it is hard as hell to ride without any dabs. The limited amount of space does not help at all. This section I created is very short. At my current skill level, I am struggling with it, balancing being the most challenging skill to master.

I believe that if and when I can go through this section comfortably and flawlessly, I am ready to call myself a biketrial rider... if not... then I think the damn wooden pallets are going to stay in front of my house for a very long time... LOL...

Here is a gruesome reminder to wear proper gears when training. Somehow I just never learn! Baka!