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Friday, June 13, 2008

My First Ever Encounter with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Back in 2004, I had a crippling spinal problem that left me in bed for 2 weeks. It was not through any physical activity or exercises that I was left in this situation.

It was late in the afternoon in the office after a meeting that the problem started. For no apparent reason, my back started to ache. The aching escalated to extreme pain. I could barely drive home that day. Coughing and sneezing caused excruciating pain to run through my spine.

The next day my wife drove me to Subang Jaya Medical Center and I sought treatment there. I saw a doctor whom just prescribe some pain-killers (that has totally no effect) and sent me to physio-therapy, which according to the schedule, I had to endure for 6 weeks. Each physio-therapy session cost about RM180. This is excluding the cost of other equipment I had to buy. All in all, I had already spent more than RM1500 with more to come.

After suffering for a week with no end to the pain in sight, my wife's friend suggested to her to take me to see a Traditional Chinese Medicine physician in Ampang. That afternoon, my wife came home and drove me there.

Within 30 minutes of arriving there, I was CURED! My back was as good as new! The physician basically massaged some muscles and then twisted my legs sideways against my body. The moment I heard the crackling sound coming from my backbone, the pain was totally gone. (Turns out that the lower portion of my backbone was slightly disjointed and some vertebrae were pressing against the nerves.)

I drove home a very happy and satisfied customer. And the cost, RM65. Heck! I would have paid much much more.

The next part was to convince my company to recognize Traditional Chinese Medicine as a valid treatment for medical conditions or ailments. which was not difficult to do considering the cost savings the company could save.

Insurance companies would do well to pay attention... LOL.