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Monday, June 16, 2008

Red Bull Sponsored BikeTrial in Seremban, Negri Sembilan

Last Saturday (14th June), there was a youth and sport event in Komplek Belia dan Sukan (Youth & Sports Complex) in Seremban, Negri Sembilan. The event was organised by the Negri Sembilan State Government.

There were a lot of booths showcasing youth related sports activities and career oriented opportunities. Some VIPs were there to give their important two bits on youth culture et al. The RM95 million spaceman of Malaysia was also there to inspire the youths to shoot for the stars.

All these brouhaha could not over shadow the Biketrial event that was taking place. Syarul (aka The Race Boy) managed to get a booth at the event to organised a first ever major demonstration and promotion of BikeTrial with Red Bull being the sponsor in Malaysia!!!

At one point, I overheard someone saying that the organiser had to stop the guys from riding to ensure that everyone was focused on the speeches given by the VIPs... LOL.

Monty riders from BikeTrial Singapore were invited to demonstrate the skills and stamina required to ride trials. The sections consist of wooden pallets and a Red Bull Ford 4WD truck.

Walton, Ben and Nelvin. Walton is also the President of BikeTrial Asia Union/BikeTrial Singapore Union.

Walton and Ben taking a breather while Nelvin rides in front of the crowd.

Ben pedal kick up to the Ford.

Ben drop-off the platform.

Nelvin dropping off the Ford.

Managed to capture Walton in mid-air as he leaps onto the platform.

Again, caught Walton in mid leap across to a higher platform.

Ben caught in the air as he dropped off the platform.

Syarul (aka The Race Boy) explaining BikeTrial to those interested.

Syarul giving a BikeTrial clinic to some youth. You can see Sri Naga standing there paying close attention... :-)

Sri Naga on Walton's Monty. (Gotta get me one of those!! LOL.)

Sean trying out Walton's Monty... when is my turn lah???

I get to try out Walton's Monty as well... Thanks to Naga for the pix!

Sean shooting video of the riders as Naga checks on his camera.

After the demo, I managed to get Walton to teach me some basic riding techniques and also to clarify on some of the BikeTrial rules.

After the event, I managed to pack up three of the wooden pallets in my truck. I hoped to be able to practice on them... LOL.

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