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Friday, March 20, 2009

BikeTrial at Bukit Komanwel Park

Last Saturday, I was riding in Bukit Komanwel Park with Syarul. It was a fantastically hot day at about 2pm, but at 4pm it was raining cats and dogs!!! We had to take shelter at the food stalls.

We had never been there before. We found some fantastic steps and ledges to try out. The sun was beating hot and we could not ride long. We found a fantastic place that any biketrial rider could never ever resist!!!

Unfortunately, both our biketrial skills were not good enough to ride those boulders to kingdom come... LOL. At best, I could only get up onto two boulders... after that I chickened out... LOL. We could only admire them and one thing for sure was that, we were more motivated than ever to hone and better our skills!!!!! I will bet anything that our friends from Singapore will just go nuts over this!

Personally, I have set a target for myself, to be able to ride those boulders by year end. I have already identified some of the skills that I will need to learn and control before being able to enjoy riding those boulders... LOL. I will write about these required skills in another post... LOL.

Around 4pm, Syarul and I had to get shelter at the food stalls. The rain were so heavy that we could not even sit down at the table. The high wind and rain were pelting the canopy to high heaven.

The stalls' cooks, waiters and even some of the customers were pretty curious about our bikes. All was not lost hiding from the rain, we managed to educate a few people on the finer points of biketrial... LOL.

Just another day in biketrials Malaysia... :-)