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Thursday, March 19, 2009

How To Prevent Hand Blister When Riding BikeTrials

I have been having major blister problems on the palms of my hands whenever I ride. I have sweaty palms and wearing gloves does not help.

Normally, after about 20 minutes of riding, my gloves would be soaked with sweat and the skin on my palms would be soft and wrinkled. That's when the hardened skin of the blisters would get soft and the new blister which had formed underneath the old one would get irritated. The constant chafing made it worse and the irritation gets pretty unbearable.

I "googled" and found some remedies for joggers, hikers and walkers, whom suffered from major foot blisters. Most of the remedies concerned wearing proper shoes, using antiperspirant or applying powder. There were also some recommendation on using bandage strips or blister block adhesive tape.

I had none of the above at home but the blister block adhesive tape gave me an idea. I decided to look for some masking tapes and tried them out.

The cheap masking tapes.

I found that the above cheap masking tapes worked very well to a certain extend. The tapes helped to minimize the blister irritation and chafing when wearing gloves and riding. Instead of just 20 minutes or less of riding before I get the blister problem, I can ride at least 2 hours before the irritation gets unbearable. Btw, Syarul, a fellow BikeTrial enthusiast, can vouch that this remedy works... LOL.

The masking tape applied at the sore points before wearing the gloves... LOL.

After riding, the masking tapes were still in tact but soaked in sweat.

My blister problems were mostly on my right hand, just below the last three fingers and part of the thumb that gripped the bike handle. If you have the same problem, try it. I am sure you will appreciate it... as it means more riding time... LOL. Cheers!