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Thursday, June 25, 2009

BIU 2009 China Ping Tang World BikeTrial Championship

Since March this year, Syarul has been telling me about an important BikeTrial event this coming August, the 18th BIU World BikeTrial Championship to be held in Ping Tang, China.

I was undecided until I attended the Round 2 of the Singapore 09 National BikeTrial Championship. It was while taking photos and videos of the Singapore event that I realised, I should not miss this opportunity to attend the World BikeTrial Championship in China. There are two choices, we could go as a delegate or as a rider. And in either cases, the room and board will be fully covered for, for the 7 days. All we have to do was to pay for our flight there and back.

Together with Aris and Syarul, there will be 3 of us. Aris and Syarul will be riding in the Championship, whereas I will be going as a delegate. Technically in Malaysia, we are not a member of BIU (BikeTrial International Union) yet and therefore has no representation in BIU. And so we are going to the Championship through a representative union, which in this case is either BikeTrial Singapore or BikeTrial Asia Union, where Walton Seah is the President. Syarul knows more about this... LOL I will need to confirm with him... :-)

Anyway, my plan is very simple, take videos and photos of this international event. Enjoy myself. Take photos with the riders and maybe get a few autographs.... LOL. Last but not least, I hope to purchase some bike components, etc. People that I hope to meet are Ot Pi and Dani Comas.

So from now until then, the only thing that can stop us from going is the status of the H1N1 pandemic that is affecting everyone.