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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Singapore 09 National BikeTrial Championship - Round 2

Believe it or not, I planned this trip for the Round 2 of the Singapore 09 National BikeTrial Championship since March, when I participated in Round 1.

This time around the competition was held in Toa Payoh Town Park. A beautifully design park right smack in the heart of Singapore. Unlike in Round 1, which was held in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, the Toa Payoh Town Park was free of mosquitoes, flies, snakes and other critters... LOL.

Unfortunately, I was not able to participate. About a month ago, my family and I had been stricken with tonsil infections. It was brutal. I was still recovering... man... at this age, it really took a while to recover! (Hence, no update on my blog.)

In any case, I was adamant not to miss the competition. If I was not able to ride, at least I was able to document the tournament via videos and photos... LOL.

Similar to Round 1, there were altogether 5 sections. All riders had to ride all the sections, 3 times. The scores and times would be tabulated accordingly by the Observers. The competition only started at about 10:00am and finished at 1:00pm. I had to leave early and was not able to stay for the final results and prize giving. In fact, I am still waiting for the official result to be published... :-)

The BikeTrial Sections

Section 1. A few of the riders walking through Section 1 trying to determine the best line to take according to their category (Elite, J. Senior or Open).

Section 2.

Section 3.

Section 4.

Section 5.

There's this saying, "It is not the destination that counts, but the journey." Well... I must say that in this case, both the journey and destination was fantastic. Although, I had to leave early, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

After 4 weeks of no riding, it is time to get back to it again, by this weekend!

Matthew riding the sections.

Walton riding the sections.

Yang Ming riding the sections.

Ben Loh riding the sections.

Here is a video of Yang Ming, Walton, Hor Fun and Ben 14 fooling around after the competition.

Btw, now I am planning to attend the BIU World BikeTrial Championship to be held in Ping Tang, China, in August. Really looking forward to it!

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