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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Forget Natural or Urban, Learn the Techniques First

In my previous blog post I have been talking about setting up a semi permanent BikeTrial training ground using wooden pallets or any other suitable materials. I have been trying to convey this idea to various friends and riders. Unfortunately, most of them do not feel the same way... LOL. But some of the responses were very supportive... :-)

The most common responses I received were that they prefer "natural" obstacles over "man-made" obstacles. I can see where they are coming from. They feel that natural were more demanding and challenging, and I totally agreed with them.

What is Natural?

For the BikeTrial uninitiated, when we say "natural", we are actually referring to naturally occurring obstacles such as tree roots, rock formations, boulders or fallen logs, etc. So basically, a natural section is made up of combination of these "natural" obstacles that a rider needs to overcome to ride and complete the section.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make here is that in Malaysia, we do not have any really experienced BikeTrial riders. There are still a lot of techniques or skills that we do not know (at least based on the number of riders I know of and have ridden with). And I can really see that as being a major hurdle to progress... LOL. We rely a lot on videos from YouTube or BikeTrial forums, etc. and occasionally tips from fellow riders in Singapore to learn the many BikeTrial techniques... LOL.

And so... I strongly advocate having a semi-permanent area setup for BikeTrial, which I think will expedite the training and improve the steep learning curve of the various techniques or skills. I think this is the fastest way for us to learn, where we meet, share and learn from each other as we progressed... hahah.

Only after learning the many skills and techniques to a consistent level, do I think that we can progress to decide if we like "natural" or "urban" sections... LOL. So please dun tell me you like "natural" when I say, lets set up a BikeTrial training area with wooden pallets and such... and I will buy you a teh tarik... LOL.

How many BikeTrial Riders in Malaysia?

Based on my last count, I think there are about 9 proper trial bikes (with 8 riders) that I know of in Malaysia. Kind of pathetic if you ask me... LOL. But nevertheless, in 2007, there was only 1 trial bike (Syarul's bike... LOL). So this is progress indeed.

  1. Syarul (Neon Bike 20") - bought from Singapore
  2. Sean (Echo Pure 26") - bought from Singapore
  3. Helmi (Adamant 20") - bought from Singapore
  4. Aris (Monty 218 20") - bought from Shah Alam, Malaysia
  5. Nico (Yaaba 20") - bought from UK
  6. Shawn (Monty 20") - bought from UK
  7. Jack (Monty 221PR 20") - bought from Singapore
  8. Jack (Echo Pure 26") - bought from Singapore
  9. Henry (Echo Lite 20") - bought from Singapore
A big milestone this year is that, there is actually a bicycle supplier in Malaysia with the foresight (at least that's what I would like to think... LOL) to import Monty Trial bike from Taiwan. The Monty 218 20". Hopefully, this will play a part to spur the growth of BikeTrial in Malaysia.

BikeTrial is a perfect Spectator Sport?

Another reason for setting up a semi-permanent BikeTrial training ground is that it will aid in the promotion of the sport. BikeTrial is the perfect spectator sport, where anyone watching will be mesmerized by the riders riding the obstacles in the man-made sections. Even the design of the trial bikes will get so much attention... "Eh... what happened to the seat?" LOL

BikeTrial Malaysia has Future?

Anyway, here is a video of how the BikeTrial Champion (Dani Comas) of the World trains with his friends... LOL. Check out the training ground specifically designed for BikeTrial. Maybe one day, we will have a training ground like those shown in the videos below... :-)

Dani Comas and friends

And another...

NĂ³ra Tavasi from Hungary.